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Online-Sprachhilfe Die Online-Sprachhilfe unterstützt die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer von Erasmus+ bei der Verbesserung ihrer Sprachkenntnisse. Teilnehmerportal Dies ist die elektronische Plattform zur Verwaltung des Programms Erasmus+. Antragsteller/-innen für die Teilnahme an Erasmus+ müssen sich über das Portal anmelden How to apply Erasmus+ Read the specific guidelines for this action and the call for proposals carefully. Register in the Participant Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC). All organisations participating in the proposal must have a PIC number Admission and application bachelor. You're looking to do a bachelor programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). This is your* to-do list: *For refugee students in the Netherlands other procedures may apply. FAQ for prospective students about the coronavirus Information about the entry requirements, selection criteria and application process for the Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme in Human Rights Policy and Practice. Application procedures and entry requirement compliance (eligibility) tests are managed by the services of the University of Gothenburg on the basis of the entry criteria below In this video, I am sharing complete information about Erasmus+ scholarship program. How to apply for Erasmus scholarship? Tips for selection in Erasmus scho..

Once an organisation has successfully applied for funding, individual participants can then apply through that organisation to take part. The European Commission's Call for Proposals document - available on our application resources page - is published each year and provides high-level details on programme eligibility, award criteria and budgets Before you apply you must follow your home university's application procedure to secure nomination as an Erasmus+ exchange student. Our Erasmus+ code is UK MANCHES01. Apply online (Following this link will take you to a screen headed 'Postgraduate Applicant Sign On'. Please ignore the heading; this is the correct form to complete)

To apply for an Erasmus exchange slot at the University of Bonn, you must do the following: Contact your Erasmus coordinator at your home university and request nomination as an Erasmus applicant. Read the instructions for registering in Mobility-Online and fill out the Mobility-Online form in its entirety Search for the university you are from and click This is my home institution 3. Search for the university that you want to go to study in during your exchange and click I want to study here 4 Step 1: Browse through the available Erasmus Mundus courses on their website. Step 2: Get more information about the programs that interest you on their individual websites. Look for their objectives, the universities involved, and their program structure. Evaluate them against your own preferences and goals

To take part in an Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships you will also need to apply at your sending institution within a specified time frame. However, each university has its own application procedure. You will most likely need a CV and proof of your language skills, but any additional achievements are welcome Easy Steps to Apply and Win Mundus Erasmus. Decide on a particular country; Follow-through; Consult the Erasmus Mundus program guide for the year running; Choose an ACTION; APPLY; Decide on a Particular Country. You should start by creating a shortlist of Institutions you would like to do your Erasmus Exchange at in the coming semester. It's recommended you create a list of at least 10, to begin with, and then you can rank them in order of priority

Students at the Master's level worldwide can apply. You must have obtained a first higher education degree or demonstrate a recognized equivalent level of learning, according to national legislation and practices, in the degree awarding countries. (All students with 16 years of Education in Pakistan are eligible to apply) Eligibility for Erasmus dictates that you must be in higher education, studying an official degree or diploma and have successfully completed your initial first year. And then, the biggest benefit of Erasmus is that you are not required to pay extra tuition fees or payments to the university you end up attending. How good it that!. Secondly, you can apply to receive a grant for your study. All Erasmus+ and SEMP applicants must submit a Learning Agreement with their application. We also ask LMUexchange applicants to submit a Learning Agreement, so that we can better assess your study goals at LMU. Erasmus+ students (EU and EU-associated countries) receive the Learning Agreement from their home university To submit your portfolio, choose one of the following: Set up your own web portfolio and send us a link to your website by return email. Please do not choose a site with a short life. A good site is www.flickr.com. Email the link to your Erasmus administrator or to studyabroad@kingston.ac.u Then we forward the applications to the Erasmus representatives of the faculties. They decide on the allocation of the exchange places. If there are more applicants than places, a ranking is made with a waiting list. 2. You are nominated at the host university and apply there. Probably in April, we will let you know if you will receive an.

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  1. ate you for an exchange place. Once no
  2. Welcome back, Viewers to Scholarship Abroad Bangladesh again with Hasan Salman from Paris, France! Topic Description: In this বাংলা Tutorial We will learn Ho..
  3. Erasmus Mundus student scholarships can be offered to students from any region of the world - however, no more than 3 from the same country or with the same nationality will be awarded in the same intake. The grants' terms depend on the student's country of origin/residence
  4. Just find the details on your relevant program websites and apply by following instructions given on the program's own website when they open No work experience is required. People with at least 16 years of education can apply for i
  5. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship application form This contains the Personal Statement section, which is your space to tell the Consortium why you want to study GLOCAL and what your background and experience can bring to the Programme. All applicants including self funders must complete this
  6. Candidates can apply for an EMJMD scholarship to any of the Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus courses of their choice but for a given academic year the number of applications must be limited to maximum three different joint programmes. The students will be informed of their selection on the 15th of April 2021. Important notice . Certificate of residence The purpose of the residence document is to prove.
  7. The list of all Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) is available on the EMJMD Catalogue.Go to the website of the EMJMD you are interested in. Check the conditions for scholarship application.Attention: every EMJMD has its own requirements and procedure!If you need more information, ask directly the EMJMD Coordinator: their contact details or a contact form are on the EMJMD website

Erasmus+ is one of the world's prestigious and competitive scholarship programs. The Erasmus scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship in Europe. Follow all the steps of this Erasmus+ scholarship guide. In this Erasmus+ Scholarship Guide you will learn about; Eramsus+ Overview; How to Apply for Erasmus Scholarship 202 Application for all RSM MSc and Premaster programmes opens on the 1st of October; Before applying, familiarize yourself with the admissions requirements for the programme you are planning to apply for; You can only apply for one programme. If your application is not successful, we'll automatically evaluate you for our other programmes and offer you any alterantives if possible; Deadline MSc. Who can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2021? Erasmus+ is open to many individuals and organizations, although eligibility varies from one action to another and from one country to another. Individuals can take part in many of the opportunities funded by Erasmus+, although most will have to do so through an organization taking part in the program. The eligibility of individuals and. Nomination (Erasmus+ KA103) Before applying please make sure that you have been nominated by your home University and that you have previously received an email from UNIZG with the instructions on how to apply! Application . The nominated student needs to submit their application in our online application portal (MoveON). Please apply here: Online application (text is the link) for the 1.

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Students, who have been nominated for Semester 2 exchanges, should complete the application form (S1) and submit it to the Exchanges Office (email Exchanges@lboro.ac.uk) no later than 15 November 2020. You will then be provided with further instructions on the application process. S3: Learning agreement (study Accommodation for students is provided at UCT dormitories situated at the outskirts of Prague. To apply for accommodation please fill in the Application for accommodation and send it to erasmus.accom@vscht.cz Application form for the summer will be open in November. ⇓ Download the application for It is possible to study abroad as an MA student, too, but more complicated due to differing European degree systems. Please contact us personally if you are interested in an Erasmus grant. How do I apply? Erasmus Information Event 2020 Application documents: Application Form Letter of Motivation . 2-3 pages; English preferre A complete application file (bachelor diploma, transcript of records (translated by a sworn translator to Dutch, French, German or English) and English language certificate) by the deadline is absolutely required if you apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Applicants from EU countries are exempted from sending a diploma and can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship based on a proof of.

After consulting us, please submit your complete application to us. The documents must include a letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae, documentation of the content of the internship, your Studienbescheinigung (enrolment receipt for the current semester at JLU) Loading application. Please wait. Information on Erasmus+ mobility programmes and guides participants through their mobility process via a series of online tools. Erasmus+ home page. Login; About; Notifications; Liked Items; Share; Erasmus+ Journey . Before application ; Login to continue your Erasmus+ journey ; Before application. Map Filters Off. List view. Erasmus+ at your Fingertips. Nomination Letter (if applicable - a formal nomination letter is not necessary for Erasmus+ KA103, upload of scanned nomination email sent by your university is OK) Copy of the ID card (both sides) / Passport (first page with the photo and personal data Find the Learning Agreement on Ritaj and fill out the courses, which you find suitable for your study plan. Pay attention to the equivalency of the credit hours in Birzeit University and the university you are applying for. Finally, submit your CV and the motivation letter

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Erasmus exchange students don't have to pay fees for their overseas studies, and there are some grants available to help with living costs, as well as funding support for students with physical, mental, or health-related conditions. You will need to apply for this programme through your university's Erasmus or international office After your nomination and approximately one month before the application deadline you will receive an online link for your application. Please register online by completing the application form and uploading all required forms, ensuring that they are complete and have been signed. - THM Confirmation of home institutio

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How to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship? You can apply through the international or Erasmus+ office of your higher education institution. You should be selected by your sending higher education institution in a fair and transparent way. Under the Erasmus+ program, there are different opportunities for organizations and individuals ERASMUS MUNDUS ACTION 1 DEGREE MOBILITY THROUGH JOINT MASTERS Applications to Master programmes Through this component an individual can conduct full time Master studies, in two or more European Universities through the support of an Erasmus+ scholarship. One important condition for application in this component is the proficiency in English language and its recognition in [

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Write a cover letter explaning why you deserve the scholarship. Have good grades in the period leading up to the application. Be polite and professional in your dealings with the school. Show strong communication skills The Application Platform is open! candidates can apply until may 30th 2021 if they already have or do not need a visa for studying in italy (or china).We invite candIDates who need a visa to apply online by march 30th 2021. NOTE THAT ONLY APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED BY FEBRUARY 28TH 2021 WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THE ERASMUS MUNDUS SCHOLARSHIPS for more info send an email to the programme director. Learning Agreement (OLA via Erasmus Dashboard) Application Form; Copy of ID/ Passport; Copy of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Academic Calendar . Semester duration: Autumn Semester: End of September - 3 rd week of January Spring Semester: End of February - 3 rd week of June . Exam Period: Autumn Semester:3 rd week of January - 1 st week of February (2 weeks) Spring Semester:2. How to apply Once you've looked through your options and made a considered choice of institution, it's time to make your application for a study abroad placement

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How to apply. Requirements; Application documents; Assessment criteria; Erasmus Mundus Scholarship; Tuition fees; Alternative Funding; Privacy statemen Erasmus Mundus Scholarship application form: All applicants must indicate whether they are applying as a Programme or Partner country applicant, and must provide a personal statement (1200 words) stating why they wish to study GLOCAL Erasmus+ KA103 How to apply? Czestochowa University of Technology - Erasmus Code: PL CZESTOC01 Erasmus Policy Statment 2014-2020 | Erasmus University Charter 2014-202 So, the first eligibility you must meet before applying to Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2021 is to complete your first degree. Further, this scholarship is open to every student, their country of origin notwithstanding. So, students from parts of the world can apply as long as they have a first degree. However, depending on the laws of the county where you intend to study; your bachelor's.

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HOW TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Apply as above by March 31st. Applicants who obtain scholarships are typically, but not restricted to, those who have 1st class degrees from a university that is listed in the top 500 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Supporting documents that must be uploaded by the application deadline Applying for ERASMUS+ If you wish to study in Magdeburg as an ERASMUS+ student, please apply directly to your home institution for an exchange placement . Once you have been chosen for the programme by your home institution, the institution is supposed to inform us about your nomination for an exchange place at the University of Magdeburg Most of the students think that participating in an Erasmus Internship is a difficult matter, but TX will tell you the exact 5 steps on how to apply for an Internship.We also will tell you that, applying for an Internship is not difficult. So here we go: 1. The first step and the most important one is: Contact your Universit

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In application form you decide what month your project can start. - EU new programme season 2021-2027 starts, we do get some new rules comparing old season. - Maximum points in your application was 100 points in old season. In some countries you will need more than 90 points to get the KA1 grant. So, be patient and careful with your application. Are you considering a student exchange at the University of Helsinki or have you already been nominated by your home university? We look forward to welcoming you as one of the over 1000 exchange students we host each year! It's also possible to apply for a visiting student status if your home university does not have a valid agreement with us The deadline to apply for the Erasmus+ Programme for Michaelmas start (October 20210) is 30th May 2021. The deadline to apply for the Erasmus+ Programme for Epiphany start (January 2022) is 31st October 2021. Erasmus Application Form 2021/2022. Statement of Language Proficiency form. Applicable to EU nationals only.This is a required document. We will not accept applications without this. If. If you decide to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, you should specify your student category (Programme or Partner Country) on the above mentioned required documents. For

In some cases, the faculties of the University of Passau provide detailed information on semesters abroad as part of the study programmes they offer on their homepage.. Furthermore, the programme officers are available as specialist advisors and contact persons for certain university partnerships at the University of Passau, especially for questions relating to course selection at the partner. To apply, contact erasmus@lit.ie at least one month before your work placement begins to fill out our online application form. After you apply to erasmus@lit.ie for funding towards your work placement, the Erasmus Office will send you a few short documents to complete, as well as guidance on how to complete these documents

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  1. — Erasmus+ Ireland (@ErasmusIreland) May 7, 2019. The steps above only completes your application for the course, not for the financial support of the scholarship. Each consortium has their own selection procedures. Only once you've been admitted to the course will you be considered for an EMJMD scholarship. The Coordinators of the EMJMD(s.
  2. How can my organisation apply for EU grant? If you don't have experience with EU proposals, applying for Erasmus grant can be a bit confusing. In reality it's not that hard! Here's what you have to do: Step 1 In order to apply for Erasmus+ grant you will need a PIC code for your organisation
  3. Erasmus+ and Exchange studies. How to apply. How to apply Exchange and free moving students should apply online. The application is open: From April 15 to June 1 for the Autumn semester or the Academic year; From October 7 to November 15 for the spring semester; Note for exchange students: the online application form must be filled in after you have been selected by your home university for.
  4. Higher Education Institutions from programme countries will be able to submit an application to manage a mobility project for higher education students, PhD candidates and staff. The Programme-Country institution will submit this to the National Agency for Erasmus+ of their country. Kosovo Universities will have to be ONLY a partner in a credit mobility agreement [

Application period: 4th of November 2020- 1st of March 2021 *Please note that this edition IPCV will not be a Erasmus Mundus master programme. All applications must be submitted through the eMundus online system and meet the given dealine. Paper applications or applications sent by e-mail will not be taken into account Erasmus Mundus Programme Country Scholarships are still available for candidates coming from Programme Countries (https: The MEDfOR Programme is open to candidates from all over the world, so everyone can apply. However, two basic criteria need to be met: The candidate needs to have at least a bachelor degree on the field of economics or sciences; The candidate needs to have at least an. How to apply. EUROSUD Erasmus Mundus Scholarship applications are CLOSED for September 2021 entry. Applicants can expect to hear results by Friday 2 April. Programme application In order to apply for a master or pre-master programme it is necessary to register yourself in Studielink. We advise you to keep this page opened in a separate browser while registering in Studielink. Please make sure you fill out all details correctly, for we will use them for your application. Should any details change you will need to change them in Studielink yourself. Please note: Only.

Erasmus student exchange destinations in the application portal . Erasmus student exchange is based on subject-specific placements. Because of this, it is recommended to choose a placement from your major or minor disciplines. For example, you can study chemistry at the host university if you apply for the placements of the Department of Chemistry. The possibility to study other subjects. So if you are willing to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, you must fulfill certain criteria which areas set by the institutions. While applying for any scholarship, care must be taken to apply with a strong motivation letter which is a formal document describing all your academic strengths and competency. Over here we have submitted you along with the best examples of Erasmus Mundus. Check you have the right application form. Erasmus+ uses online application forms. Each form has a different code for its Key Action and Sector. KA1: Learning Mobility of Individuals KA101 School education staff mobility KA102 VET learner and staff mobility KA104 Adult education staff mobility KA105 Youth mobility KA116 VET learner and staff mobility (only for organisations that hold a KA109. Accept the exchange place through AlmaRM (link) within March 16th, 2020 at 13.00. After the acceptance, read the the information for Erasmus+ grant holders. You can still Read the call for application [.pdf] (EXPIRED), the deadlines [.pdf] and check the exchange vacancies NOMINATION and APPLICATION Check at your home university whether there is an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) with UJK assigned to the relevant field of study. You must be officially nominated for an Erasmus+ exchange period at UJK by your home university

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  1. How to apply for the Erasmus+ exchange programme Check if your School/Department offers exchanges and has Erasmus+ agreements with European institutions. You can do this... Contact your School/Departmental Exchange Co-ordinator who will be able to offer you advice on where you can study (each....
  2. Select Erasmus Mundus Master in Education Policies for Global Development (GLOBED) in the Application Portal. The program will only be available on the site when the application period has started. There is no fee for applying
  3. The processing of your application takes two weeks. At all times you will be able to check the status of your application online. Please be aware that to take part in English taught subjects your level of language has to be at B1. If your application is successful, you will receive Confirmation of Acceptance via on-line system
  4. ated by your Home Institution. Your home institution will be able to provide you with.
  5. Check our mobility partners to see if we have an Erasmus+ Agreement with your University in your subject of study. We can only accept Erasmus students from partner institutions we have Erasmus+ Agreements with. If we do not have an Erasmus+ Agreement with your home university, Study Abroad may be an.
  6. g. Erasmus+KA103. How to apply. 1. Check for Bilateral Agreement. Firstly, you should contact International Office at your Home University to make sure there is an inter-institutional agreement between our universities
  7. You will find instructions on how to apply as an exchange / visiting student or for thesis research / practical stay in our instructions for exchange and visiting students. In our instructions you find also, among others, the application periods, academic year, and information on course selection and housing. Partner universities

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  1. How to apply. Access the Erasmus accreditation application form (EU Login required - you can create an account if you do not have one. Call. Call for proposals (Official Journal) Related documents. Rules of application. Erasmus youth quality standards. Deadline to apply 31st December 2021 - 12:0
  2. g from outside of Europe, your institution needs to have a valid exchange agreement with the University of Tübingen. Check the course options as.
  3. How to write a cover letter for Erasmus or Leonardo Mobility Remember the main goal of your letter is to get the receiver willing to read your CV FONTS Links to your.
  4. How to apply. 1. Check for Student Exchange Programme Agreement. Firstly, you should contact International Office at your Home University to make sure there is an inter-institutional agreement between our universities. 2
  5. Erasmus has to be the most popular exchange program for students in Europe. The program was launched in 1987 and since then it has existed to grant European students the opportunity to experience student life in one of the 33 program countries. The majority of European universities (90% to be more precise) are involved in this scheme, which offers students a broad spectrum of courses and study programs to choose from. Of course, the popularity of Erasmus has increased over time.
  6. Please contact your university's Erasmus coordinator or International office to find out if you are eligible for exchange to the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. You must apply through your home university and the procedures and deadlines will vary according to each institution. Application deadlines in MPE
  7. ated students can be accepted. Please contact the Erasmus coordinator at your home university for
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If you are interested in participating in the Erasmus+ programme and spending an Erasmus+ period in the University of West Attica (UNIWA), as an Exchange Erasmus+ student, at first you must contact the international office of your home University. A valid bilateral agreement is always required between the partners Universities (Sending and Receiving Institution), in the relevant subject area. The applicant must first be nominated by his home university. Afterward, the applicant will receive. How to apply and nominate The Erasmus+ Programme is available to students from our partner universities according to individual bilateral agreements between our institutions. In order to apply for the Erasmus+ exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw you need to use our online application system. Please click on the link below The main goal of the activity was to encourage our univeristy students to take part in Erasmus mobility. Description During the online webinar prepared by our section and Student Mobility Office, participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with Erasmus+ programme How to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship 1. Consult the online EMJMD Catalogue. This catalogue lists the masters offering Erasmus Mundus funded scholarships in... 2. Pick three programmes. You can choose up to three different programmes. If you need more information,.

Candidates can apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees scholarship to the Erasmus + Key Action1 programme (EMJMD) of their choice but: Students who have already obtained an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) scholarship or are former Erasmus Mundus Master/Doctoral Course scholarship holders are not eligible for an additional scholarship under the EMMC. Students benefiting. How to apply for an ERASMUS+ placement abroad Schön, dass Sie sich für ein von ERASMUS+ gefördertes Praktikum im europäischen Ausland interessieren! Damit wir Ihre Bewerbung nutzen und verarbeiten können, beachten Sie bitte die folgenden formalen Vorgaben: • Bitte schicken Sie Ihre Bewerbung fristgerecht per Mail an das Europa-Team: eu@max-born- berufskolleg.de Inhalte der Bewerbungs-E. Erasmus, Exchange & Study Abroad ⇨ Incoming Students ⇨ Overseas Exchange ⇨ How To Apply; How To Apply. Eligibility; Study Periods; Choosing Modules; Language Requirements ; Visa Information; Application Form; Eligibility. If you are wishing to come to Durham on an Overseas Exchange placement you should: be a registered student at one of our Overseas Exchange Partners; be nominated by.

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  1. You can apply for the Erasmus programme by filling in an electronic Erasmus student exchange application in the Mobility-Online application system, which you can enter through the application portal (instructions in English). You can apply to 1-3 different universities
  2. Erasmus students may apply to attend Queen's for either one or two semesters in one academic year only. In some subject areas, students may be required to attend for the full academic year. The normal closing dates for return of completed application forms to the Global Opportunities Team are 15 June for students wishing to attend in Semester 1 or the full academic year, and 19 October for.
  3. Candidates applying for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship: interviews will be performed between the last week of January and the first week of February; Candidates applying under a self-funding scheme: interviews will be performed during March/April. Applicants' Appeal
  4. g the submission. Once you have submitted your application, there is no need to send a hard copy of it
  5. Erasmus+ replaces all previous actions from the EU such as Comenius, Grundtvig , Leonardo and many more.. There is now much more funding available for training teachers and it is vital you make your head of school aware of this opportunity as you will have to apply through your school.. You should apply through Erasmus + Action 1. We have already heard of schools that have received extra.
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Who is eligible to apply for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Scholarships? Well, this master's scholarship is for graduate students who seek to pursue a master's degree or PhD degree within a specified time. So, the first eligibility you must meet before applying to Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2021 is to complete your first degree How to manage the Application procedure for an Erasmus Mobility for Studies at Università del Molise. After official nomination by Home Universities, the Università del Molise's IRO will send a notification of acceptance to the nominated students, with detailed instructions about how to proceed. To complete the application, perspective Erasmus incoming students will be requested to submit. How to apply to study abroad at the University of Edinburgh. Download a useful application guide and learn more about the online application process, including what supporting documents are required How to apply. Before proceeding with the Erasmus application via Uniweb it is necessary to consult the call and inspect the selection criteria and the list of partner universities. You should include with the application (which should be submitted in only PDF format): proposal of activities to do abroad (mandatory) and/or a letter from your Italian thesis supervisor or internship tutor. In the.

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