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Category:Clones. D. Category:Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate characters. Category:Dead or Alive 2 characters. Category:Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate characters. Category:Dead or Alive 3 characters. Category:Dead or Alive 4 characters. Category:Dead or Alive 5 characters. Category:Dead or Alive 5 Last Round characters Through playing story mode in Dead or Alive 5, it soon becomes apparent that Rig knows more about his identity than he lets on, but ended up twisted in Dead or Alive 6, as he is indeed never knew who he was and how he became evil at the end of 5th game is explained. Upon meeting MIST's undercover agent Christie, Rig was unaware that she was sent to implant him with a mind control device in his. Bayman is a playable character in the Dead or Alive series. Bayman is of Russian descent, was a Spetsnaz, and then a mercenary. He utilizes the Command Sambo fighting style Every Dead or Alive Character, Ranked Christie Helena Hitomi Kasumi Tina Armstrong Lisa Ayane Lei Fang Ryu Hayabusa Hayate Ayame Jann Lee Irene Lew Kokoro Shiden Niki Muramasa Maria Brad Wong Victor Donovan Bayman ALPHA-152 Teng The following is the list of characters that appear in Dead or Alive Dimensions. 1 Playable characters 1.1 Secret character 2 Non-playable characters 3 Guest characters

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  1. Alle Charaktere in Dead or Alive 6 Mit der Ankündigung von Dead or Alive 6 wurden mit Kasumi, Helena, Hayate, Ryu Hayabusa, Jann Lee und Zack bereits sechs Charaktere für das Roster bestätigt...
  2. Dead or Alive (jap. デッドオアアライブ Deddo oa Araibu; kurz DOA) ist eine Fighting-Game - Videospielreihe des japanischen Entwicklers Tecmo. Die Handlung sowie die spielbaren Charaktere sind durch den Spieleentwickler Tomonobu Itagaki entstanden und von einem kleinen Team namens Team Ninja programmiert
  3. Dead Or Alive: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Fighters Of All Time. As a long-running fighting game franchise, Dead or Alive has a ton of characters to play. But when it comes to combat, some are better.

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  1. Sue James (1980-1981) Mike Percy (1981-1989) Keyboard. Timothy Lever (1983-1989) Jason Alburey (1995-2003) Schlagzeug. Joe Musker (1980-1982) Dead or Alive war eine englische Band, die 1978 von Pete Burns, Martin Healey, Phil Hurst und Walter Ogden unter dem Namen Nightmares in Wax in Liverpool gegründet wurde. 1980 erfolgte die Umbenennung in Dead.
  2. Christie is a professional assassin and she quan martial artist, who made her first appearance in the 2001 title Dead or Alive 3. She is a secondary antagonist and the femme fatale of the series and is one of the only female villains so far, along with Kasumi α, who later became Alpha-152
  3. Ryu is the youngest ninja in the Hayabusa's head family. Originating in the Ninja Gaiden franchise Ryu has made his way into the Dead or Alive series in a big way. He's a prodigy when it comes to combat and his skills are equal to most master ninja. Since entering into the series he has never been seen beaten by another character

MAI SHIRANUI. KULA DIAMOND. MOMIJI. RACHEL. TAMAKI. The new DOA CENTRAL mode is open! DOA CENTRAL. The new DOA CENTRAL mode is open! Customize your favorite characters before joining the fight Dead or Alive 5 ( 5+) Characters. Playable. Kasumi • Ayane • Hayate • Ryu Hayabusa • Helena Douglas • Christie • La Mariposa/Lisa Hamilton • Hitomi • Bayman • Kokoro • Jann Lee • Leifang • Tina Armstrong • Bass Armstrong/Mr. Strong • Zack • Eliot • Gen Fu • Brad Wong • Rig • Mila • Alpha-152. Story Mode characters

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Diego is the first character in the Dead or Alive series to be of Mexican descent. Kula Diamond a b, is a guest character and comes from The King of Fighters. She is the second guest character from an SNK-related franchise, alongside Mai Shiranui. NiCO, a new M.I.S.T. scientist and silat martial artist from Finland Dead or Alive (Japanese: デッド オア アライブ, Hepburn: Deddo oa Araibu) (DOA) is a media franchise based on a fighting video game series produced by Tecmo and developed by Team Ninja.It is primarily composed of fast-paced 3D fighting games that begun with the original Dead or Alive in 1996. DOA is the creation of Tomonobu Itagaki, who has since left the company and is no longer.

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HERE'S A TINY BREAKDOWN OF THE WHOLE DOA6 ROSTER! Remember to pause or go back in the video if you'd like to go over the little overviews.If you're having a. Dead or Alive 5 features 20 recurring characters from the series as playable fighters, each with English and Japanese voice actors: Dead or Alive 5 adds three new characters to the series, Mila, Mr. Strong, and Rig.. New. Mila, an ambitious Spanish female mixed martial artist who works as a part-time waitress at a diner in New York.; Mr. Strong, a new character in theory, but in reality it is. Dead or Alive: Characters part 8; Dead or Alive: Characters part 9; Dead or Alive: Secrets; Dead or Alive 2: System; Dead or Alive 2: Advanced Tactics; Dead or Alive 2: Characters; Dead or Alive 2. Lei Fang is a character in the Dead or Alive series. She's a college student, and a prodigy of Tai Chi Quan martial arts who seeks to fight Jann Lee in order to prove her strength. Leon. Leon is a fighter in the Dead or Alive games. He uses the Command Sambo fighting style. Lisa Hamilton. Lisa first appeared in DOA's volleyball game, but appears in Dead or Alive 4 as the mysterious luchadora.

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